Mladen Bogicevic CV

10+ years of experience in B2B & B2C projects, communication and marketing

  • Phone: +381 63 60 79 12
  • E-mail:
  • Bachelor with Honours in Project Management
  • Graduate Work (Published online): The Impact of ICT development on project management >>> (trends, IoT, outsourcing, cloud, mobile technology, tools, AI for project management, case study for AI PM web platform)

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Industries & Topics Covered

  • Industry 4.0 – research and product development, digital manufacturing, IoT, VR, AI, personalization, services, supply chains, , additive manufacturing technologies, digital twin
  • ICT – web-development and UX design, e-learning, engineering software, lead management and CRM platforms, software implementation, cloud, mobile, Agile / Scrum methodology
  • Construction & Real Estate – building concepts, systems and products, urban and construction development, real estate market, architectural design, operations and maintenance, BIM
  • Sustainability – energy efficiency, green building, product life cycle, maintenance and operation, environment, comfort & health


What I Did..

  • Web & Digital Management – digital strategy and planning, web development, digital marketing, social media strategy, digital design and user experience, campaigns, agencies engagement
  • Communication Management – B2B and B2C communication, internal and external communication, PR, media relations, polls, reporting, partnerships and vendors communication
  • Marketing Management – strategy, planning, budgeting, execution for multi-channel marketing and advertising
  • Brand management – company and partner brands, products, services, employer branding
  • Employer branding – web presentation, job descriptions and publishing, social media communication
  • Sales Cycle and Lead Management – buyers journey, buyer personas, red flags and delay management,
  • Customer relationship management – in-house events and presentations, business meetings, newsletters, questionnaires, reports,
  • Campaigns and advertisement – promotions, new products and products improvements, announcements, sales campaigns, events, web (Google search and display) and social media ads (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Event Management – industry and trade shows (self-organized or booths), exhibitions, business conferences, trainings, media events
  • Media Relations – media events and conferences, media partnerships, interviews, TV, radio, web
  • Partnership Relationship Management – sponsorships, vendor communication, REPs lead management, planning, approvals, budget refunds
  • Social Media Management – strategy, communication, automation, (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Email Marketing – Newsletters, email campaigns, blog followers
  • Web, Print & Video Design – communication with design and production professionals, marketing agencies and print shops, developing templates and design automation plans and materials, PPT presentations, video clips, marketing materials
  • Training & Support – digital sales and marketing, social media management



Marketing Consultant & 3D Print

  • Company: Solfins 3D Company, Serbia
  • Type: Private
  • Industry: Digital technologies
  • Clients: R&D, manufacturing, engineering services companies (300+ businesses from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia), educational institutions (Universities, colleges, schoools)
  • Products: software implementation and technical support for 3D CAD, simulation, VR&AR, visualization, business and document management, cloud solutions, PLM, CAM (SolidWorks, Dassault Systemes / 3DEXPERIENCE / CATIA, SolidCAM); 3D printing and 3D scanning hardware, software and services (3DZ, 3D Systems, Markforged, Artec 3D, Geomagic, Formlabs); engineering services for USA and Canada Oil&Gas and packaging industry (patented solution for automated pipe wrench system); education and training for clients & students
  • Colleagues: 30+ FTEs – Top Management, Channels Managers and Sales, IT and Application Engineers, Design Engineers


  • Managing marketing for 6 business channels – SolidWorks, Dassault Systemes, 3D Print & 3D Scann, 3D Academy, Engineering, Industry services
  • Managing communication with international partners – marketing strategy alignment, global campaigns localization, skills certifications, marketing material, marketing lead management, marketing+sales reporting, marketing channels budget refunds (SolidWorks, Dassault Systemes, SolidCAM, 3DZ)
  • Generating and managing MQL leads – social media, web campaigns and advertisement, events, CTAs and web-forms, reporting
  • 3D Print & 3D Scann Channel Sales – sales process (LM, opportunities, negotiations), sales documentation (invoices, POs, contracts, guarantees), public bids and purchases
  • Marketing content and material management – sales presentations, invitations, web-pages, print material (presents, brochures)
  • Social Media Management – strategy and planning, optimized and automated communication across multiple social media channels (LinkedIn Main and 3 Showcase pages, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Shop, Events, Services, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Newsletter – Monthly newsletters, special promotions and campaigns


  • Manufacturing Expo, Kragujevac (October 2018) – co-organized event
  • New Website (summer 2018) – 3D Print & 3D Scan pages, products pages and blog posts; Company general pages (Events, Archive, Jobs)
  • 3D Technology Conference and Software Training for Clients, Belgrade Hotel M (October 2017) – main conference room, and 4 training spaces
  • Defence Industry Expo Partner, Belgrade Fair (June, 2017) – booth
  • Technical Fair, Belgrade Fair (May, 2017, 2018) – booth, conference
  • SolidWorks global campaigns (H1, Q4, new software version launch, EDU offers; 2017, 2018)
  • Dassault Systems global campaigns (products, brand awareness, EDU offers)
  • New products and services promotion – software (Electrical, Manage), 3D printers (Markforged, 3D Systems), 3D scanners (Artec 3D Leo), engineering hardware (CAD workstations)


SaaS Marketing Team Scrum Product Owner

  • Company: Centah, Canada
  • Type: Private
  • Industry: Home Improvement
  • Clients: Retail (Costco, Lowe, Rona, etc)
  • Products: SaaS Lead Management and CRM software (Centah software), and industry dedicated US based call center services
  • Colleagues: 30+ FTEs – 4 Scrum Marketing Team Members (Belgrade Office), Top Management and Sales, Account and Call Center Managers, IT and Technical Support Engineers


  • planing and delivering marketing team projects in a strict timely manner following 5-days sprint cycles (Scrum)
  • change management and multi-tasking for marketing team projects
  • reporting marketing team activities to Top Management
  • Belgrade office management (bills, expenses, renting, connectivity)


  • e-Learning / Business & Software Training – complete training for software users uploaded to e-learning platform (videos, questionnaires, tests, user tracking and certification)
  • Web-Portal Concept Development – Setting foundations for a new business channel targeting home improvement manufacturers by creating detailed concept of a new portal specialized for home improvement industry manufacturers in USA and Canada
  • SEO, ATL and Inbound Marketing – generating specialized website content (40 blog articles) in a couple of months to reach top managers from USA & Canada home improvement manufacturing, construction and retail companies
  • BTL marketing – generating presentations and videos for sales people targeting lead & opportunity management issues and solutions for top regional and global managers in USA and Canada


Communications and Marketing Manager

  • Company: Serbia Green Building Council, Serbia
  • Type: Association
  • Industry: Green Building
  • Clients: distributors, developers, real estate, manufacturing, construction services and public companies, faculties and schools
  • Products & Services: B2B communication, B2C promotion, training, lobbying
  • Colleagues: 2 FTEs, Board of Directors (8), Member companies (40)


  • Association Annual Assembly – organizing major mandatory meeting for 40 Member representatives (event management, agenda, documents, presentations), communication regarding core documents changes
  • Board of Directors Quarterly Meetings – organizing voted representatives to discuss and decide future actions of association (invitation, agenda, follow-up, reporting)
  • Internal B2B Communication Management – association membership network communication and documents management, association strategy negotiation, monthly newsletter, polls, analytics and reporting, market analysis and reports
  • PR, Media Relations and B2C Communication – TV, web and print interviews, media relations, social media
  • Event Management – organizing space, agenda, invitations, international speakers and trainers, games, volunteers



Web & Magazine Editor

  • Company: Infonet Group, Serbia
  • Type: Private
  • Industry: Construction, Home Improvement and Furniture
  • Clients: distributors, developers, real estate, manufacturing and construction services companies
  • Products: leading B2B data base of more than 10k companies in Serbia, web-portal, web-portal for furniture industry, B2B print magazine Build, B2B printed catalogues for construction and furniture industry
  • Colleagues: 20+ FTEs – Top Management, Sales, Data-Base Manager, IT & Web Design

My responsabilities:

  • Build Magazine Editor – deliver all content for every issue from 2007 to end of 2010 (total of 14 quarterly issues), negotiate, edit and publish promo content with 30-80 clients per issue (ads, articles, design)
  • Web-Portal Editor – web content daily updates (news, articles, translations, writing, images), social media promotion, SEO, link building, promo articles, reporting from events (expos, conferences)
  • Green Build (2009) – author of the first Serbian green building specialized magazine published within regular Build magazine


  • Ringier Axl Springer Partnership (January 2011) – negotiating agreement for content exchange between two web-portals that boosted our portal visit by 20% in a few weeks
  • Architecture in Serbia Today Essay (2010) – articles about issues and opportunities for Serbian architecture companies
  • Green Building Promotion – continuous updates about green building industry solutions, trends, materials, products
  • Yellow pages in Build Magazine (2008) – adding new content to the magazine to reach broader type of customers

Other jobs (2002-2007)

  • Preparation school for architecture studies – drawing, geometry, technical drawing, history of art, general knowledge
  • Sound n`Music magazine – reports, stories, news
  • Home improvement and housing projects – design, calculations, consulting




  • Project Management College (2016), Graduate Work (Published online): The Impact of ICT development on project management >>> (trends, IoT, outsourcing, cloud, mobile technology, tools, AI for project management, case study for AI PM web platform)
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture (1998-2002)
  • Architecture Technical School, Belgrade (1994-1998)

Conferences, Courses and Certificates:

  • 3DZ plastic and metal 3D Print Training and Sales & Marketing Meeting (2019)
  • SolidWorks Certification for Marketing Professional (2018)
  • SolidWorks World Conference and Training (2018)
  • SolidWorks Marketing Training (2017)
  • Scrum and Agile Centah Training (2015)
  • Centah Software Training (2015)
  • Hubspot Certification for Inbound Marketing (2015)
  • LEED Green Building Standard Training (2010)
  • Fire Protection and Safety Conference (2010)
  • HVAC Conference Reporter (2010)
  • University of Niš – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Conference Reporter (2010)
  • Blok Conference Reporter (2009, 2010)
  • Construction Industry Fair Belgrade Conference Reporter (2008, 2009, 2010)



Personal, hobby, pro-bono and other projects

  • Supporting local community – web-development, design, documents and presentations for neighbours (local community organizations, condominium complex and individual building logos, websites, content, design, social media, training)
  • Home improvement hobby – help with home quality issues, consulting in real estate selling and buying process, interior design and 3D modeling
  • Small business support (0-2 FTEs) – providing marketing strategy, web development, design and marketing automation, training
  • Author – creating and publishing websites and paperworks about IoT, digitalization, cloud, green building, project management
  • Creative Parent – writing and making coloring books and videos for my daughters


Phone: +381 63 60 79 12